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6. You are laughing at yourself.
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Yup, I've been mulling over when to come back and for the moment I'm lacking artistic motivation but I'm heading in the direction I want to take.

For me, this drawing is merely a hobby and though I'm rather unskilled and have no interest of making my art a full time career, I've still been encouraged to take art lessons. It's rather humourous telling someone I never took art at school, though I've never been a fan of the critical teachers and the stiff art lessons. "Draw that." "Draw this, like this. Don't try being creative and adding your own twist, I want it like this." Yes. I had an art teacher just like that. -_-

Anyway, going off topic. I'm coming back onto DA for the foreseeable future, though until I get back into this site properly my activity will be what it's always been. I'm going to try make more of an effort though, again I'm going to try but I can't make promises.

Art on this account
So, while I draw characters in the Sonic style I can hardly call myself a Sonic artist if I don't even have any interest in drawing the official characters. That been said, I will still be drawing mine and others FC now and again.

I'm now trying my hand at human characters, more notably in the ever common Manga style but it'll be a long time before I'm comfortable with this art style. I'll be uploading artwork though and in this time I'll introduce characters that will eventually belong to their very own comic. Though I've still a long way to go before I go attempting comics, I've got to master all the somewhat boring technical stuff, like perspectives and backgrounds.

I'm also going to be drawing more Pokemon, being such a huge fan of the franchise it only makes sense. Also, having purchased Pokemon Art Academy and becoming addicted might have helped somewhat. (Surprisingly, I've learnt a lot of techniques from that game, considering I thought it would just bring entertainment. Definitely worth the £40 I paid for it, if you've considered buying it at some point then I urge you to buy it!).

As far as current artwork goes I've art that I owe to two people:
Kittiez12 - Drawing of Claudia (Bullet; Blue)
DaVonteWagner - Pokemon Champion Cynthia, sitting reading. (full body requested) (Bullet; Black)
Bullet; RedDiscussionBullet; Red | Bullet; BlackNot yet startedBullet; Black | Bullet; BlueSketchingBullet; Blue | Bullet; GreenLineworkBullet; Green | Bullet; PurpleFinishedBullet; Purple |

While I had received requests from two others, they haven't watched me. (which would make things easier in terms of updates). So I won't be finishing their works, unless they send me a message and show they do actually want it, I don't want to come across as rude but it's been ages and I've gotten nothing from either of them so...

That's it though, I'm back! Sunshine and rainbows and whatnot.
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United Kingdom
Welcome to my DA page! Home of my FC Rydi the Raccoon! Please check out my gallery! Give a Llama, get a Llama! :iconllamajumpplz:

Hi there! I'm just your average, socially awkward but totally insane teenager from the UK! I've only been drawing since I joined DA but I love it. I'm the kinda person who wants to achieve more but it too damn lazy to do anything to improve. Saying that, my dream job is to one day be working with Nintendo or Dreamworks Animation. Hey, a girl can dream.

I'll do my best to reply to comments but I struggle with conversation both the internet and normal life, so if you're talking to me then expect a delayed reply, I'll be trying to think of something to say! Manage to talk about something I love though and I'll have no trouble talking to you!
:iconrole-playplz:I love RPing with people and I'm happy with comments, notes and chatroom RP. So if you'd like to do some then let me know!

I'm a fan of many things, To name a few:
Sonic, Rayman, Professor Layton, Zelda, Pokemon and Supernatural (though I haven't watched all the series yet!). I'm also a fan of Manga and Anime but a lot of it is pretty expensive, so I don't watch/read much.
Did I mention I like stuff when it's not popular?

¢αℓℓιηg мє STUPID ωση'т мαкє уσυ SMART, ¢αℓℓιηg мє WEAK ωση'т мαкє уσυ STRONG, ¢αℓℓιηg мє UGLY ωση'т мαкє уσυ PRETTY, ¢αℓℓιηg мє MEAN ωση'т мαкє уσυ NICE, ¢αℓℓιηg мє USELESS ωση'т мαкє уσυ PERFECT, ¢αℓℓιηg мє POOR ωση'т мαкє уσυ RICH, ¢αℓℓιηg мє BORING ωση'т мαкє уσυ FUN, ¢αℓℓιηg мє α LOSER ωση'т мαкє уσυ α WINNER, ¢αℓℓιηg мє α NERD ωση'т мαкє уσυ POPULAR, ¢αℓℓιηg мє α COWARD ωση'т мαкє уσυ BRAVE, ¢αℓℓιηg мє α FAILURE ωση'т мαкє уσυ SUCCESSFUL, ѕσ ωну вσтнєя...?
I don't like bullies. I don't tolerate bullies or anything that might class as bullying and as such I will not be bullied on this site. I'm allowed to enjoy my time on this site without being upset in any way, shape or form and so are others. Bullies beware.

Poor Mr. Onion... almost had her...

My good DA Pals:

^Let me know if you want to be added! (or removed ;_; )

RL Friends:

Relax, I'm SANE!!!

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